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If you are interested in learning to grow your own profitable business by selling your handmade designs online, then you’re definitely in the right community!

For almost three decades, I quietly cleared HUNDREDS of dollars selling high-end wreaths on eBay, my website, and then Etsy. With daily UPS pickup, thousands of my beautiful have been shipped all over the world… including to many celebrities.

I cleared AMAZING PROFITS! My wreaths were often the most expensive and highest quality you could find anywhere on the Internet, and women bought them in droves…even paying ANY price to win the bid when I sold on eBay.

Why was this??  Sure, it was because of my design, style and quality construction. That made my reputation what it is today. But it was also something else – I knew how to promote and market my products bringing potential buyers to me through many different online avenues.

You might think: “But you’re talking about wreaths and I am a jewelry designer or I crochet and knit baby booties & hats, or I paint greeting cards… etc.

It doesn’t matter! Yes, I sold wreaths online, but I have sold many other products as well. What my team and I want to teach you applies to any artisan or crafter using any medium. How to sell online to bring in more income for you and your family is done with the same steps and systems I have used over and over for many years. These tried/true and proven systems DO work!  I want to share them with YOU! In doing so, I take such joy in the fact that I can play a part in your success!

I have now filmed and sold thousands of instructional DVDs showing my students how to make exquisite wreaths to sell online.  No matter what you design, you can do what I’ve done! I’ve also written numerous Books on how to make wreaths and where to find the best suppliers.  I even have an e-Book on making money from yard sales.

There are now sis published books, along with their Kindle versions on Amazon, with my life story to be coming soon! My “Sourcing Power” Amazon Kindle Book broke records as it flew to the top of the charts in FIVE categories in only 2 days. For almost 35 years, I’ve been making and selling wreaths and have learned a lot, especially what NOT to do.

Now, I Want to Share the Knowledge I’ve Gained
From 30 Years of Experience with YOU
as We Grow a Powerful Online Community!

In the last 16 years, I have loved coaching and supporting artisans like you to set up their own businesses and sell their creations! I believe that God is now leading me and my team to offer my time and expertise to help you achieve your goals and dreams just as I have. So my Inner Circle, a community of artisans where you can gather at any time, night or day, to encourage and educate each other. I also want to help you make your wreaths faster with nice, but less expensive materials.  I want you to earn a nice income.

I’d Like to Introduce You to
“Nancy’s Inner Circle”
our exciting Online Community!

As a Member of Our Community, You Will Get

  • Training and tutorials such as making and selling your own wreaths, Etsy, Facebook, business planning and so much more
  • A Closed Facebook Group where you can meet members with similar goals and interests and get answers to your questions as well as critiques on your creations
  • Daily access to me and other experts in a thriving and growing “warm” Facebook community
  • Video Tutorials that will give you step-by-step instructions on pertinent subjects
  • Free or reduced prices on products that are typically for sale
  • Unadvertised bonuses at various times
  • Contests where you could win products, education and even coaching
  • Much more!
  • ***Bonus!*** Online Access to My Secret Vendors
  • ***Coming Soon!*** Online access to Nancy’s Entire Video Library
  • ***Coming Soon!*** Online access to Etsy Intensives

These Are the Types of Discussions We Currently Have on a Daily Basis

  • How to deal with shipping problems
  • The best places for you to sell handmade online
  • The importance of keeping in touch with customers through a list
  • How to take advantage of social media to grow your business
  • How to get your customers to know, like, and trust YOU

You Get All This and More in Our Online Community For Just $19.97 per Month

We’ve been advised to charge $97/month (or more) for this community because of all we’re offering. Did I do that? Absolutely NOT – I lowered the price from $47 per month to only $19.97 per month!  Our community will encourage you when you need it, educate you about the industry, and help you earn more money doing what you love.

There is so much value in being part of a group of people who share a common love and who genuinely enjoy helping each other succeed in meeting their goals. That’s what we do in our online community.

And one more thing you should know:


Here’s What Real Best of Nancy Members Are Saying:

“Thank you all for all the wonderful advice and encouragement.

— Joni

“Join the fun! You are in for a great mentoring ride!”

— Carol

“I am so excited about this website (BestofNancy)!”

— Kaye

“You will be amazed at what you can learn to do yourself (referencing BestofNancy training)…or with the help of your friends here :).”

— Julie

“I have found blessings in this group of women and know without a doubt it was brought into my life by God. A kind of life line I needed to feel involved and motivated and interested at a time I felt blessings were few and far between.

Thanks for being a big part of this group. I will hold your needs in my heart, and pray you will find a little comfort from your Best of Nancy family.”

— Susan

“Ladies, I count myself as blessed. I have longed for and searched for a community such as this.

Never thought to look online. Never thought I would find it as I looked for my “niche” market.

God is so Awesome.

I am so touched and moved by the openness of each heart and the testimony of each heart. Here is a network more valuable than any other. Praying for each other and praising God for His wisdom in the answers. You ladies are in my prayers this very night as a praise!”

— Debbie

NOTE: These testimonials are just a sampling of the comments found in the member’s only forum.



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Bonus! Crafters Wholesale Supply List – Value $197.00

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You’ll have access to my vendors supplying many different arts & crafts products!


If You’re Ready to Start Getting the Education And Encouragement
Needed to Run a Successful Online Business Promoting and
Selling Your Creations, Join Our Online Community Today!


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YES I Want to Join Your Community

YES, Nancy! I want to learn from the world’s foremost authority on selling handmade products online!

NOTE:  As soon as you join, you will have immediate access to the “Premium Member Content” pages.
Within 24 hours, you’ll receive access to our private Facebook group.

  • I want access to you and all the training videos, PDFs, and modules you offer.
  • I understand that you make NO promises or guarantees that I will accomplish any specific result. I realize that my efforts are unique to me, and my results may vary from those shown or implied.
  • However, I also know that if I’m not completely satisfied, I can cancel my membership at any time.

Regular Price: $97.00/month

Only $19.97/month

Yours truly,

Nancy Alexander P.S. I can’t wait to get to know you! Thank you so much for stopping by! P.P.S. Don’t forget to introduce yourself when you join us in the Facebook Group

More Testimonials

“Nancy, I found you when I was looking for a wreath on eBay. I really love your wild and woodsy design style. Then I saw your DVDs and thought about how much money I could save by making my own wreaths. It was definitively your style that drew me to your wreaths and then eventually to your DVDs. Your style is very unique and reminded me of the gardener within me. After purchasing your DVDs and following your instructions, I was shocked when someone saw my first wreath and asked how much I would charge to make one for them. I purchased another DVD set and then your Secret Vendor List. You reaffirmed my decisions and conclusions! So, I had to figure out for myself in starting my own business. Especially by confirming to me that I could get silk flowers cheaper at my local craft stores and it was okay to purchase them from there. When you opened the Best of Nancy Membership site, I was the first in line. No matter what business you are starting, Nancy and her team can help you get started. They have a ton of experience, business development tools and information.”

Julie Siomacco,

“Your God-given talents have always enriched my life-I feel joy every time I look at one of your wreaths-and love to tell others about you when they see the wreaths and start telling me how unbelievably beautiful they are. “I am going to your site right now to see what wonderful things you are bringing to this world. “My prayers will be with you-and my appreciation and respect.”

— Brenda E. Weakley

“Hi Nancy, I have learned so much about running my business from you and your “Best of Nancy” group as well as your FREE “Grow With Nancy” Facebook page!”

— Kayla Hess

“I would like to say how grateful and blessed I have been to stumble across you on YouTube during a time in my life when I was caving change. To be able to create things I love and people would buy — completely against a false belief I had. But now that has changed immensely. Not to mention the growth I’ve gone through being your assistant friend!  Much love to you Nancy”

—Bernita Burdick

“I feel as if I already won when I discovered you one day on YouTube. My learning experience with you has not only grown my business but I myself have grown as a person. You have opened my eyes and my heart and sent me on a journey to succeed as a business person, a woman and a child of God. I thank you for that, Nancy.”

— Roxane Daigle

“Nancy,, thank you for sharing your knowledge and your videos with us and the world! The creme de la cream baby! You’re a ROCK STAR in my book! And, you know the cream ALWAYS rises to the TOP”

—Shelley Sievers Rodriguez

“Thank you so much Nancy, for sharing your journey. I get inspired each time I see your creations, but this time you gave us a peek into your past and the beginning of finding your gifts and talents that were God-given. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but your words carry more weight. You have the gift of sharing with us your thoughts, dreams, aspirations through your comments and your ‘diary’. Again, thanks for this opportunity to learn from the master teacher”

—Sue Mellette

“I ordered ‘My Secret Vendors’ about a year ago and it has helped my business grow tremendously! It helped me to purchase from quality wholesalers. It would have taken many years and a ton of money for me to have gained all this knowledge on my own. It was full of tips and information – it is an absolute gen! Thank you Nancy for writing it!”

—Marlene Ferrer

“You are an amazing, beautiful woman with a heart that gives and gives. Thank you for being the God sent blessing in my life. I know God has a bigger plan for me and He has given me an amazing gift. I believe it is thru you and a few other spectacular women that I will be able to grow and get better at using and sharing my talents. You inspire me every time I see you – you seem to get younger and classier every time you are on the Internet. Blessings to your and yours with much gratitude.”

— Betty Cunningham

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